Strange Little Mistakes

by Stacy Yoshioka

You know those restaurants that combine 2 seemingly strange and unrelated ingredients and it turns out to be great? I often wonder if those were discovered by accident or if they were just having a mad scientist moment and consciously put things together that don't seem to have any correlation in the hopes of creating a "monster" that happens to taste good rather than runs out to destroy cities.


I recently had an "oops" moment turn in to something quite tasty one morning when making lunch.  I was reheating what I thought was rice that was in the fridge and decided to throw some shiso furikake on it before I heated it up.  For those of you who do not know, furikae is an amazing little condiment that is put on rice and can contain seaweed, sesame seeds, dried fish, dried wasabi, dried pickled plums, salt, you name it, it can be in it.  Shiso, for those of you who do not know is perilla, the beefsteak plant or Japanese basil.  It's bitter to some but I find it delicious!  My "oops" moment was the moment I took a bite and realized I was NOT eating rice.  Turns out, I had actually taken leftover plain unsweetened oatmeal that Mike had made for breakfast and mistook it for rice.

Oddly enough, it tasted great!  Something about it being a grain must have made it mix with the furikake as if it was rice.  Who knew?  Now to determine if there is some health benefit in eating savory oatmeal.....