The L. I. V. E. Story

L. I. V. E. is dedicated to the idea that fitness is valuable to everyone's state of well being.  Whether you are wanting to lose weight, run a marathon or just stay healthy and have enough energy to get through your day, we can help you achieve those goals safely and effectively.  We will focus not on just the quick fixes, but the long term results that will keep you healthier and happier!

Stacy Yoshioka Owner L. I. V. E.

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and transplanted to NYC in 1994, Stacy is a dancer turned NASM certified personal trainer.  She holds a BFA in Dance from the Marymount Manahttan College along with her NASM, KBC and Pre and Post Natal training certifications.  She is currently a dancer with Michael Mao Dance, a senior instructor for Kettlebell Concepts, a personal trainer at Living Well Balanced and has over 10 years of experience working one-on-one with clients to help them reach their goals and maintain healthy lives.

Stacy's background in dance and movement has made her able to understand movement and it's ability to to not only make the body look good, but to help a person's self esteem, clear their mind, and help them overcome obstacles, regardless of their size, to reach their goals.  Each session will be custom tailored based on your initial fitness assessment  to meet your individual goals.  She will help you understand the reasons your body is changing and help hold you accountable to the program to receive the best possible results.  She will challenge you and push you further than you are able to push yourself all with a smile and a kind word of encouragement.


Michael Bayani Partner L. I. V. E.


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If you are ready to get yourself started on the path of health and wellness and are looking for someone to guide you, look no further and contact us TODAY!!!